About Studio Jam

Experts in architectural visualisation, Studio JAM delivers premium 3D renders for residential and commercial projects. Specialising in realism, animation, CGI and interior design, the studio generates powerful, compelling visuals that support sales and marketing.   

Using the latest techniques and styles, building concepts are presented clearly, in-scale and in vibrant colour, showing a far greater level of sophistication than is possible in blueprints and sketches. Our in-house team of stylists, creators and project managers work closely with property developers, architects and interior designers to produce visual renditions of projects before they are built.  

Architectural plans are brought to life through intricate modelling of building structures. A focus on the technical elements of lighting, colour and balance creates an impressive photo-real effect in images, illustrations and animated film.  These digital visualisations give a credible depiction of the finished product and provide an impactful communication tool for buyers.   

With professional expertise, Studio JAM makes the creative process simple and streamlined for clients. This practical, structured approach ensures projects are delivered quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines and bring value.  Studio Jam’s in-depth understanding of every project assures the right market response. Design-driven architectural renditions of exterior and interior spaces speak directly to the intended audience and result in the highest possible outcome in buyer engagement and awareness.